Farm to Fork

School Garden

Our students grow an assortment of vegetables, herbs and flowers, such as cherry tomatoes, radishes, lettuce, carrots, and sweet potatoes right in our school garden and greenhouse.  The building of the greenhouse was a community project sponsored by the Saint Gabriel Men’s Club and completed in Spring 2020.

All K-8 students participate in caring for the garden on a rotating basis. Plant care and growth is incorporated within the science curriculum.  The harvest is served in our very own cafeteria as part of lunch options.

Future initiatives include adding a hydroponic growing station in our cafeteria.

Sustainability Initiative

As part of the Parish Strategic Plan, our campus has committed to being more eco-friendly.

The Parish Strategic Plan includes a campus-wide initiative to follow Pope Francis’s encyclical, Laudato Si, to cultivate a more environmentally-friendly and sustainable campus. 

Progress towards this goal includes development of the all natural play park, teacher and student-led Green Teams, enhanced recycling program, planting flowers throughout campus, and school garden.