Preschool Tuition


All programs are Monday through Friday

12:00pm dismissal: $155/week
  2:45pm dismissal: $165/week

  6:00pm dismissal: $185/week

Full Year = 52 weeks, includes Summer Camp
School Year = 42 weeks

Program Choices Full Day Care
6PM Pickup*

School Day Care
2:45 PM Pickup

1/2 Day Care
Noon Pickup

Full Year Tuition (52 Weeks)

$9,620 $8,580 $8,060
School Year Tuition
(42 Weeks - Excludes Summer)
$7,770 $6,930 $6,510

*Fee of $1.00 per minute per child for pickup after the pickup time of the program in which your child is enrolled

Preschool families are not eligible for financial aid.