School, Preschool and After School Enrichment Tuition Policy

This policy pertains to both St. Gabriel the Archangel School, Kindergarten through Grade 8, in addition to St. Gabriel Preschool, which includes, Preschool, Pre-K, Jr. K, and After School Enrichment.

Family Registration:

·         Families will submit payment of a non-refundable registration fee, per child, in order to reserve their child’s place in their specific program, for each school year. 

Tuition Rates:

·         The recommended tuition rates for the upcoming school year are approved by the Finance Council and presented to the School Board and Parish Council.  They will be communicated to the parents after approval.

·         Families with children in St. Gabriel Preschool have one standard rate depending on the number of weeks in attendance, and the time of pickup.  Number of weeks in attendance is calculated according to the number of weeks remaining in the program (Full Year or School Year) upon entering the program.

·         For accounts with school-age children, Kindergarten through Grade 8, there are two types of tuition rates: Active Parishioner and All Others. These categories are explained as follows:

·         Active Parishioner Rate:

§  An active member of St. Gabriel in good standing with a Stewardship Card on file, current on tithing and participating in Parish Time/Talent activities.

§  OR An active member of another Catholic parish in good standing, where there is no school, also current on tithing.  An annual Letter of Good Standing from that parish is required.

§  Statements will be sent to families showing the tithing amount pledged and the amount paid to date.  Families who are not current on their tithing will pay the All Others rate.  Please see our website at for information on automatic (ACH) deductions and online giving options available.

§  At least one parent is Catholic or has completed the Catechumenate Rite in order to become Catholic.

·         All Other Rate:  This is the rate charged to families not meeting the qualifications for Active Parishioner.       

·         Any exceptions may be brought before the Pastor and Finance Council for review and resolution.

·         School Tuition rates include NON-REFUNDABLE fees in an amount stated on the tuition agreement.  In the event a child leaves St. Gabriel during the school year, the remaining tuition due, less the non-refundable fees will be pro-rated to determine the tuition owed for the year.  The tuition will also be pro-rated, less the non-refundable fees, if a child enters St. Gabriel School after the start of the school year.  Attendance of one day or more in any month of the school year is charged in full for that month.  In the case of Preschool, families will be charged for two weeks enrollment if less than two-week’s notice is given before withdrawal of a child.  The FACTs account of the financially responsible party will be charged the full amount due on the next scheduled payment date, or on the withdrawal date, if earlier.                               

Tuition and Fees Delinquency Policy:

·         St. Gabriel has an approved Tuition and Fees Delinquency Policy that will be communicated to the school families each year by posting on the St. Gabriel website and also mailed to families annually in the Registration Packets.

Tuition Assistance:

·         A communication will be sent to school families in November of each year to explain the process for applying for Tuition Assistance. 

·         All families are encouraged to apply for Tuition Assistance or Scholarship assistance from the Catholic Education Foundation, Inc. (CEF).  Applications must be completed and submitted online through   A fee of $30 is required and is the responsibility of the applicant. 

·         Tuition assistance may also be available to families facing hardship circumstances that arise during the year.  In order to be considered for these funds, the responsible party must first submit an application to CEF.  If the family has already filed a Tuition Assistance application, then they must submit an appeal form to CEF for additional funds.  The Tuition Assistance application or appeal form must outline the family’s involvement at St. Gabriel and the reason for the additional assistance request.  The appeal form or Tuition Assistance application will then be considered for additional aid.

·         St. Gabriel understands that circumstances are not predictable, and families should not hesitate to contact the Parish Finance Manager to discuss their need whenever it may arise during the year.  Please see the Delinquent Tuition and Fees Payment Policy also for more information.

Completing Registration and Payment:

·         Families must submit their completed registration packet by the designated date to avoid losing their placement in the program.

·         All families must be enrolled in FACTS, our tuition management system, even if they will be making an annual payment; a valid payment account (either checking or credit card) is required at all times.  Families may additionally make payments online to their FACTS account or submit checks to the Parish Office for payment, which will be posted to their FACTS account when received.  Once a payment option is selected, payment due dates cannot be changed.  Payment cycle selections are:  Monthly on the 15th of the month; Semi-monthly on the 15th and last day of the month; or Annual payment.  A $45 FACTS administration fee will be charged by FACTS to all families. 

·         A pro-rated initial payment may be required for new families who register after the start of the school year.   

·         All families must submit the completed registration packet (including setting up a valid FACTS account) before their children can attend the program.

Updated 04/2022