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Soar With Possibilities

Uncovering academic passions, moral compass setting, global citizenship, and leadership development are the work of students in grades 6-8. Saint Gabriel Middle School engages this dynamic window of development with academic personalization, mentoring relationships, and experiential learning.  We endeavor to develop students who are confident to embrace and share their gifts with the world.

Middle School Academic Program

Students’ day begins at 8:00 a.m. and ends at 2:45 p.m.  Courses of study include religious education, literature, grammar, writing, mathematics, science, social studies, foreign language (Spanish), and physical education. 

Students in grades 7-8 participate in two electives per year in addition to Spanish and Physical Education.  Previous electives include Guitar 101, drawing, sculpture, bells, ukulele, Discover Our World, digital media, and robotics.

Saint Gabriel School follows the Archdiocese of Louisville Curriculum Framework.

In grades 5-8, each teacher teaches one subject area.  Students switch classes.

Flex time is built into the schedule to provide students with the opportunity to meet individually with teachers, work on make-up work, or pursue passion projects.

1:1 iPad Program

Each student is provided with an iPad for academic and personal use. Devices are managed through the school and monitored for appropriate use.  The iPads are distributed in August and remain with the students throughout the school year. In May they are collected and kept for security and upkeep over the summer.

Experiential Learning

Our makerspace bustles with robotics teams, breakout teams collaborating to find answers to social studies clues, science lab experiences in orienteering and Ozobot coding. Visit Instructional Technology to see more!

Students tend to the school garden, learning about soil composition, companion planting and harvesting the produce they have grown to support our Farm to Fork program

Leadership Opportunities

WSGS Newscast

Our grade 8 students produce a daily newscast that is broadcast over closed-circuit television to all the classrooms each morning.  Students control all parts of production from writing the script, serving as news anchors, filming, and managing the technical equipment.  Students in younger grades may guest appear on the newscast as “Weather Watchers”.  We have a dedicated studio with green screen capabilities.

newscast production

Student Council

Energetic, creative, and responsible students in grades 7 and 8 are eligible to run for student council.  Students apply to be considered for membership.  Officer positions (president, vice president, secretary, public relations, and spiritual director) are selected by peer election.

The mission of the Student Council of Saint Gabriel School is to assist in fostering a positive Christ-honoring tone within the student body using the Biblical model of “love the Lord your God with all your heart,” and “love your neighbor as yourself,” to develop a student community of God first, others second, self third.

Big/ Little Buddy Program

Students in grade 8 are paired with students in Kindergarten.  They meet regularly to participate in various activities including collaborative reading and writing activities and sitting together during all-school mass. This fosters a sense of leadership in our older students.  Buddies enjoy seeing each other at other school activities.

Leopards Love Hour

Students in grade 6 are challenged to identify, solve, prevent, and help a social justice issue occurring in society today.  This is modeled after Google’s 20% Time or Passion Projects.  Students choose a social justice project that has significant importance for them and have to design and complete the project in its entirety.  Students are given weekly class time to work on this project with their groups.  Here are some of the group topics previously chosen: Special Olympics, raising money for American Red Cross (natural disasters), raising awareness about acceptance of diversity, creating toys for animal shelter from recycled materials, and more. 

Beyond the Classroom: Co-Curricular Activities

We want our students to remember their middle school years fondly!  Special events include spirit days, themed uniform break days, Walk-a-thon, Adopt a First Responder, pep rallies, Catholic Schools Week, Penny Challenge, STREAM Showcase, (K-8), Derby Days, Catholic high school visits (7th/8th), BRIGHT abstinence program (8th), Confirmation Retreat (8th)
and more!

We value the experience that in-person and virtual field trips provide as well.  Previous field trips include: Falls of the Ohio, Junior Achievement Finance Park, Kentucky Holy Lands, and our 8th grade extended day trip to Kings Island!

For a complete list of Co-Curricular Activities, view our Clubs and Activities page.

Beyond the School Day: Supervised Extracurriculars 


From Kids in the Kitchen to Robotics Club, Saint Gabriel School currently offers 25 extracurricular clubs for students to choose from to continue their education beyond the school day. Learn More

Youth Athletics

The kindergarten to eighth grade athletic program is run by Saint Gabriel Parish and gives students an opportunity to learn about a variety of sports.  Learn More

After School Enrichment and Summer Camp

Extended care is offered daily until 6 p.m. for grades K-6. Learn More

Academy of Music

Students may participate in piano, guitar, and voice lessons here on SGS campus. Learn More

Meet the Teachers

Highly-trained faculty, state-of-the-art resources and innovative curriculum make Saint Gabriel School's opportunities unique.

Our teachers average 15 years of experience, many with advanced degrees.  Our student to teacher ratio is 17:1.  This allows us to create a personalized learning experience for your child.

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