Exceptional Services

Saint Gabriel School strives to be inclusive of all learners so children can achieve at their highest potential. Teachers, assistants, and administrators seek best practices, strategies, and resources to provide interventions to help students progress to the best of their ability.

Book Nook

Our reading interventionist works one on one or in small groups with elementary students who need additional support in reading.

Special Needs

At Saint Gabriel we use a model of inclusion for students with special learning needs. Students with mild to moderate learning disabilities are enrolled in regular classrooms with strategic teaching methods and appropriate accommodations. Our School Learning Coordinator works closely with teachers and parents to identify strategies, modifications and/or accommodations that can help a student with learning differences achieve success.

Student Accommodation Plans

For those students accepted and enrolled in our schools with a diagnosed disability, a Student Accommodation Plan (SAP) is written.  The school will convene a meeting whose members consist of school personnel, parents, and the student (when appropriate).  This team collaborates to identify the accommodations, which can be provided to enable the student to become a more successful participant in a particular class setting.  All members of the Intervention Team are asked to sign an agreement stating the responsibilities and rights of all parties.  Documentation is kept on student progress and reconvening dates are established to evaluate the success of the Student Accommodation Plan.

Accommodations will be made on standardized testing (including the High School Placement Test) for students with diagnosed disabilities and will be implemented as determined by the assessment producer.  To qualify for accommodations, a student must have a recognized disability and the appropriate testing accommodations must be documented on the Student Accommodation Plan.

Speech and Occupational Therapy Services

Saint Gabriel School partners with Associates in Pediatric Therapy for those students in need of speech or occupational therapy.   Free screenings are provided by parent and/or teacher request.  Therapists provide services at school during the school day for those students identified as needing additional help.  

Associates in Pediatric Therapy

Eligible students may receive speech therapy services through JCPS during the school day.  Students are bused to a neighboring elementary school.


We recognize there may be times when a student needs additional academic support beyond the classroom teacher.  

Saint Gabriel School partners with outside tutoring agencies and specialized academic agencies to make tutoring sessions available to our students during the school day.

We also can provide recommendations for individual tutoring services that are available before or after school.

Advanced Learning Options

We are committed to every student making continuous learning progress.  We strive to provide a personalized learning experience for all students.  Options for advanced learning include our accelerated algebra program, independent study or online learning for high school level courses, learning contracts, and Genius Hour student-led learning initiatives.

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