Distance Learning

Saint Gabriel administration and faculty have developed online school plans to be used in case that school needs to be closed. Distance Learning days will be used in case of school closure.  Distance learning (sometimes referred to as NTI) refers to instruction during required closure.   Closure is indicated by short-term or long-term as determined by the school.

Distance Learning Plan

Teachers interact with students daily through Zoom meetings, pre-recorded videos, Schoology, email, and more.  Here are some comments from our spring parent surveys about distance learning:

What Parents are Saying

[My child’s teacher] is absolutely amazing! She is working so hard-she responds everyday to their work when we email it; she does a morning message and actually is teaching new things each day.  She is doing small group zooms to help teach further and for the kids to see each other, and then she does one whole class zoom each week. 

[My child’s teacher] has been clear with instructions, she is quick to respond and she is keeping my child connected (which is so important). I can tell she really loves teaching and she really loves the kids. 

I like the online programs like BrainpPop and Dreambox. 

Communication and support has been great.

Teachers have provided Google Voice numbers to contact them with issues.

Even though it is sometimes challenging- especially with both parents still working full time- we really appreciate the distance learning and feel that it is keeping our child connected and on a learning path. I cannot express how much I really appreciate all the teachers are doing during this time to help the children. Thank you!

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